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Lower the accent barriers
that limit your success

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“I’m sorry… would you please say that again?”

Are you tired of being misunderstood, having to repeat yourself… and generally feeling awkward?

You are smart and you work hard —
your accent shouldn’t limit your success!

Feel more confident and secure when speaking in English

Earn a Higher Income

Make More Sales

Earn Greater Respect

I’ll help your speech flow smoothly!

As a second language learner myself — and living in a foreign land 🇯🇵 — I know firsthand the struggle of feeling awkward and insecure when trying to communicate.

  • 20+ years of experience as an American accent coach
  • 35 years of experience as a second language learner (Japanese)
  • Created the 3D Accent Model of Spoken American English
  • I’ve guided 100s of clients to more smoothly flowing speech

How to Flow…


Watch “Welcome to
Your 3D Accent!”

Learn about my unique method in this 50-minute on-demand video series. If you like my approach or have questions… 👉🏻


Book an AccentAssessment Call

Let’s schedule a 30-min call to discuss your questions and discover if an AccentFlow program is a good fit for you. If so… 👉🏻


Enroll in Personal or Group Coaching

Choose from an intensive six-week group coaching plan, or a customized individual plan that begins with an AccentAnalysis.

Greater clarity 👉🏻 lower hangup rate

My day-to-day activities require me to speak over the phone to new people. As I began daily pronunciation practice of what I learned from Kevin, I noticed a much lower hang up rate at the beginning of my calls. And also a significantly reduced number of times when people were not clear on what I said, or asked me to repeat what I said.

Kevin is definitely passionate about his work, which shows through his unique approach and enthusiasm. I’ve never heard anyone else who’d explain rules of pronunciation with such excitement and energy like Kevin does. Learning from a coach who cares and is passionate about his subject makes the process so much more enriching and fun.

– Mila D.

What difference does accent coaching make?

International professionals like you who live and work in the US can miss out on opportunities daily becasue of your non-native accent. Sadly, this limits your success in business… and in life.

AccentFlow speech coaching and training programs help you to finally communicate clearly and confidently in natural American English!